Case Studies

John Hoang

Pixel Premium Limited

Pixel Premium Limited is a global development company based in Essex. MapleWharf provides Pixel Premium with tax planning services.

Co-founder, John Hoang says,

“The last thing you want to do is focus all of your energy and time trying to work out your tax returns. We love working with MapleWharf as they listen to our needs and make us feel confident that everything is taken care of so we can concentrate our efforts on growing the business.”

In this video, John Hoang speaks about his experience of working with MapleWharf, in particular in the area of tax planning and how our attention to detail has enabled Pixel Premium to reduce their tax burden and grow their business. He goes on to express how “knowledgeable” the team are and that he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MapleWharf.

Euan McGrath

Radiator Creative Ltd

Radiator Creative Ltd provides Motion Graphics, Video Creation + Editing, Graphic Design based in London. Euan McGrath worked with various Hollywood blockbuster movies and he is also a DJ. Maple Wharf provides tax planning services.

Founder of Radiator Creative Ltd, Euan McGrath says,

Maple Wharf is a great little accountancy firm… They are friendly, very knowledgable and always go that extra mile in delivering what you need for your business in terms of advice, accountancy work and business support. Abu and his team are very hardworking and flexible, understanding the challenges we all face in running our own businesses, which is especially important during these challenging times.

Tahar Awan

Oxiflo Limited

Oxiflo Limited is a specialist supplier of industrial water treatment chemicals based in Romford, Essex. Oxiflo have used a broad range of Maple Wharf’s services, including bookkeeping, VAT returns, annual accounts, cashflow and tax planning. Maple Wharf provided Oxiflo with an effective cashflow forecast and budget to help their business expand.

Managing Director of Oxiflo, Tahar Awan, explains,

“As a company, we’ve experienced many benefits mainly around tax planning, and matters relating to Corporation Tax and VAT….. and useful tips to streamline and assist our expansion plans.”

One of the most important aspects for Tahar of working with an accountant is accessibility. He says that Maple Wharf are extremely accessible, responding almost immediately to his phone calls and emails.

Another benefit for Tahar has been the embedding of accounting software, Xero, which has helped Tahar get a real-time snapshot of the company’s finances.

Tahar says of Maple Wharf that he would “wholeheartedly and honestly recommend them to anyone looking for professional, relevant, useful, up-to-date addition to their team.”

Leila Naaman-Laurent and Damien Laurent

Leila & Damien De Blinkk

Leila & Damien de blinkk are advertising filmmaker and photographers based in London. They met studying art direction and fine art at the RCA and have been studying together ever since. Maple Wharf services, including bookkeeping, VAT returns, annual accounts, cashflow and business growth.


Co-Founder of Leila & Damien de blinkk, Leila Naaman-Laurent says,

Maple Wharf has given tremendous support to our business. They have helped us implement an efficient and easy to use the system for bookkeeping, accounting, VAT, PAYE, and NEST management.

They have provided us with pertinent advice, tools to forecast for the future, and kept us updated with the latest useful information for conducting our business. Their approach is both highly professional, and friendly. We highly recommend this accountancy firm and its team!

Laurent Cadet De Fontenay

Laurent De Fontenay Psychology Limited

Laurent De Fontenay Psychology Limited provides cognitive behaviour therapy and the company is based in Canary Wharf and Bloomsbury. Maple Wharf provides a range of services including annual accounts, ongoing support on bookkeeping and tax planning.

Founder and Director of Laurent De Fontenay Psychology Limited, Laurent Cadet De Fontenay says,

I have been a happy Maple Wharf client now for 18 months and feel that they are an essential partner in helping me to confidently take my business forward. The team are knowledgeable, friendly and responsive, and have the flexibility to tailor their service to the stage that my business is at.

While I work hard on my business as a Psychologist, doing what I’m good at, it’s so reassuring to know that the experienced Maple Wharf team have my back with the numbers! Maple Wharf is clear and precise in helping me to comply with the legal requirements of running a limited company, while also ensuring that I can serve my family well by deriving maximum value from the business through efficient tax planning. Their tax planning service will literally save me thousands over the course of running my business, helping me to take home more of what I’ve worked for.

If you’re looking for accountants to help you think through how best to set up or run your business, you’ll be in really good hands with Maple Wharf.

Sattar Ibrahim

Mercatura Properties Limited

Mercatura Properties Limited is a real estate and property development company based in Essex. They have been working with Maple Wharf since 2015 for their bookkeeping, annual accounts, cashflow, share structure and tax planning.

Sattar Ibrahim, Co-founder and Operations Director, of Mercatura Properties, says,

“I came across Maple Wharf after spending a lot of time searching for an accountancy firm that I felt was able to thoroughly understand our business model. I’ve been hugely impressed by Maple Wharf in terms of the competence, the professionalism and especially with the understanding and knowledge of complex VAT and corporation laws and regulations.”

Sattar feels that one of the main benefits of using Maple Wharf’s services is that we have maximised their profits  and helped the business to reach its potential.

Sattar explains,

“I would most certainly recommend Maple Wharf to any businesses out there because I really feel that Maple Wharf really do care about your business the same way you do.”